Terms & Conditions

Office Hours: Call or email when it’s convenient for you – we will pick up or return your call as soon as we possibly can.

Rates: Rates apply for a two day period or weekend. Weekly and Monthly rates are available upon request. Reservations are not guaranteed until we receive a deposit by mail or in person.

Payment: Payment can be made by Cash, OR Check. Checks can not be taken after 2 weeks before delivery. All Checks returned as Non-sufficient will be assessed a fee of $35. All Reservations require a 1/2 deposit with the balance due 14 days before delivery (or customer pick up at our location.) DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Cancellation of reservation is subject to a cancellation fee up to the total amount if cancelled after 14 days prior to delivery date.

Delivery and Pick UP: Delivery times and dates are subject to change. When you book your order we CAN NOT GIVE YOU YOUR TIME OR DATE FOR DELIVERY. We reserve the right to change delivery and pick up times based on weather conditions, cancellations or other unforeseen matters. Delivery charges are based on mileage from our warehouse located in Rives Junction, MI. This cost is based on The Rental Store’s crew being able to begin set up or (in the case of tables and chairs delivery) within 15 minutes of arrival and within 10 feet of our delivery trailer, into a sheltered area.

  • For example – the area where the tent is to be installed must be free of debris and ready for installation. If no tent is being rented tables and chairs must be delivered into a sheltered area away from possible rain or other factors deemed damaging to our equipment. To be determined by the delivery crew.
  • Additional charges will be applied for delay of crew and will be collected at delivery. Delivery and Pick UP service DOES NOT INCLUDE SET UP AND TEAR DOWN OF TABLES, CHAIRS OR OTHER EQUIPMENT.
  • Set up of Dance Floor is included in the rental price. Arrangements can be made for The Rental Store crew to set up and tear down delivery items. Arrangements to set up and tear down must be made in advance of delivery. (1 week prior to delivery). We reserve the right to delivery your items are early as Wednesday prior to your event. We do not like to deliver the day of your event. In order to allow you plenty of time for set up and decorate for your event.

Changes: You may make additions/subtractions to your order 10 days prior to the day of delivery. Additional delivery fees may be added for additions after delivery of your original order. Changes of your delivery venue may result in additional delivery fees. Your Responsibility:

  1. Renter or Renter’s Representative must be available to accept the delivery. (Relative, neighbor, etc.)
  2. Renter or Renter’s Representative must be able to give specific instruction as to where to drop off and or set up your order.
  3. If Renter or Renter’s Representative is not available – put stakes, cones or chairs in the yard to mark the exact spot where tent will be located.


Layouts: Layouts provided by The Rental Store Party Rental are for visualization purposes only. (Set up and tear down of tables and chairs can be arranged for an additional fee.) Due to variation in topography sometimes the layout you have chosen will not work at your specific location. If that is the case, the crew director will give the next best location of rental items (including dance floor) to the Renter or Renter’s Representative. Any changes or alteration must be made in a timely manner and will not be moved after the items have been set up. In the case that no one is available to make changes, the crew director will make decisions as to the best location for rental items. Items will not be moved after they have been set up.

Linens: Lost, torn, burned or beyond cleaning will be assessed the full replacement cost. DO NOT PLACE WET LINENS IN ANY BAG. This will result in mildew. (Included, table linens, napkins and skirting) Return all linens dry and free of waste. Rental of linens will also contain a cleaning fee.

Sales Tax: All rental items are subject to a 6% Michigan Sales Tax. The exception to this law is when the renter provides The Rental Store Party Rental with a copy of Michigan Sales Tax Exemption Certificate in the name of the corporation, business, church or service organization shown on the contract. We must keep a copy of the certificate in our record for tax purposes

Safety: Safety is our #1 priority. Should your event by hit by high winds, lightning, hail or other poor weather conditions: evacuate everyone immediately. Your tent will be erected to withstand winds of up to 50 mph however, tornado or wind shears can destroy virtually anything, and lighting is attracted to tall structures. Heavy rain can soften the ground the stakes are in and combined with high winds, the anchoring of the structure can be compromised. If in doubt  GET OUT! CAUTION: Never move or remove any stake, pole or tension strap from where the installation crew has placed it. This can cause serious problems with structural integrity or damage to equipment. If you have any questions about safety please contact us.

Power Supplies: It is the renter’s responsibility to make sure that all power supplies to the rental tent are made available at installation. We need to be able to check any rental items requiring power before we leave the premises. If no power is available before the installation crew leaves, we can not be responsible for malfunctions of our rental equipment. Additional charges may apply if an employee of THE RENTAL STORE PARTY RENTAL must come back to the site location to fix any problems having to do with power issues.

Public areas: Special arrangements need to be made at the time of booking for any event held at a public park or other non residential area. We require a $500 per night deposit for items left overnight at this type of public area. Deposits will be refunded at the conclusion of your event, if all requirements are completed. Damages which exceed the deposit will be charged to the renter upon pick up or billed to the renter after determining replacement cost.

Renter’s Responsibility: It is your responsibility to secure any permits deemed necessary for your event. It is the renters responsibility to call Miss Dig for every tent installation (this is a free service). This is for your safety and for the safety of the crew installing your tent. Miss Dig will be at the site location up to 1 week before your event to mark for public underground utilities. CAUTION: DO NOT REMOVE FLAGS OR PAINT noting the location of underground lines. It is your responsibility to mark any personal underground electrical or other buried lines, including irrigation lines (sprinkler systems). We can not be responsible for damage to any personal buried utility lines or sprinkler systems.

  1. If no arrangement have been made for THE RENTAL STORE PARTY RENTAL to set up and tear down rental equipment, it is the responsibility of the renter or renter’s representative to break down and stack all tables and chairs (in the center of the tent) and remove all personal items from the tent before pick up of your rental equipment. If our crew is left to do this a fee of up to $150 will be applied. All rental items should be wiped down and debris removed from tables and chairs. Other rental equipment must be cleaned and ready for re-rental. Tables must be free of tape, and staples.
  2. Notify A THE RENTAL STORE PARTY RENTAL immediately if equipment does not function properly or if there are any shortages, or no refunds or allowances will be made.
  3. Rental items returned late will be charged accordingly, up to a full rental day additionally.
  4. Damage to any rental item will result in charges to the renter to be paid at the completion of the rental period, (upon pick up or return of items). If the renter is not available at the time of pick up or return, the renter will later be billed for said charges. This includes damage to tables and chairs left outside of the tent during periods of rain. All rental items must be left in a sheltered area at all times.
  5. Items missing or damages upon pick up or return will be charged full replacement cost, to be collected at that time or will be billed to the Renter after determining the replacement cost.